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Financing Your Online Education

If you are studying online, your needs are little different from the student who attends classes in person on campus. You want to learn, you want to grow, you want to gain the satisfaction of having completed a program that is right for you

Just like campus students you likely are facing the same obstacles in your pursuit of online education: how to pay for your tuition, fees, and books. Well, like campus learning online education offers to you similar answers. Read and we'll explore what they are.

Scholarships - While most scholarships appear to be geared to recent high school graduates, a growing number of scholarships are available for non-traditional [returning] students. Not just older students attending school after raising the kids, but students just like you who are pursuing an online education. Contact your school's registrar or bursar departments for more information.

Student Loans - If you school receives government assistance, likely you can get a student loan to help cover costs. Contact a local bank for eligibility and go with a program that works best for you.

Government Grants - Government backed grants can help pay for part or all of your online education. Again, check with your school's registrar or bursar to find out what programs you may be eligible for.

Ethnic Organizations - If you belong to a particular ethnic group - who doesn't - then you could possibly find help through one of them. For example, the United Negro College Fund has been helping black Americans for generations now. Contact this organization to make certain that they are open to funding online education opportunities as well as on campus learning.

Your Employer - If you are employed, your employer may have a tuition reimbursement program in place. If so, contact your Human Resources Department to learn about eligibility. Typical programs will refund all or a portion of your tuition costs once you successfully complete the program. It could be based on grade achieved or any other criteria so designated.

Truly, online education is changing the way people acquire new skills and gain the knowledge that they need to work successfully in the 21st century. Many financial assistance programs are adapting their ways to allow for students to pursue an online education. Don't let a physical or financial barrier stand in the way of personal advancement. Check out the aforementioned sources for current information and let online education transform your life the way that you want it to go.