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Take Your Learning Home With You

Not everyone likes to sit in the middle of a college classroom or lecture hall and hear the professor drone on and on about quantum theories or the origins of man. There is something that is simply lulling, even stifling about sitting through an hour long oration several times a week.

You know that you learn best by independent study, but your college doesn't offer that option to you. You start to think, "Hey, I am the consumer here. I should have some choices." Well, in fact you do. If your current school doesn't offer online education courses, there are literally hundreds that do. Be an informed consumer: learn what your options are and act upon them right away.

Major colleges and universities are looking at shrinking enrollments with a pained expression. The number of young adults entering school is dropping and even returning adult students are finding other ways to get educated. Quite simply, in this I-am-too-busy culture, students are looking for options that will give them a sense of control over their lives. Online education is one of them.

20 years ago an enterprising group of people founded the University of Phoenix. Based in Arizona, the classrooms are held in cyberspace. That's right, you can earn an Associate's degree, a Bachelor's, a Master's, even a Doctorate without ever setting foot in class. You don't even have to live in Arizona to take this private school's classes.

Yes, online education has been given a boost with schools like the University of Phoenix. Study when you want, take courses at the pace that you want, and get whatever degree you desire from the ease of your laptop. The University of Phoenix has gotten so popular that it is now the largest private university in America!

Other schools emphasizing online education are numerous and include: DeVry University, Ashworth College, Baker College, and the University of Atlanta, even Notre Dame, Villanova, and Tulane. In fact, hundreds of colleges and universities now allow students to earn all or part of their degree off campus. No longer will a geographical boundary exclude you: if you have access to a computer and can log on to the internet, you can apply to these schools. If accepted, you can start earning your degree right away.

Certainly, the whole idea of online education can seem foreign to some folks. However, for time pressed students looking to squeeze in select courses, an online education makes sense and can propel their education and income levels forward.