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Masters Degree Online Fraud

The new trend in studying online is a wonder of the technological age. No longer is schooling limited to those who have the time and money to attend a physical educational institution. Advances in technology, particularly in relation to the internet, over the last decade have made it possible to now study for an entire degree online. In fact, you can even go on to further study and get a Masters Degree online. However, the internet can also be a dangerous place. There are many disreputable people who are just looking to make a quick buck. This is why it is important to protect yourself against the dangers of Masters Degree online fraud.

What are Online Schools?

Online schools offer you the opportunity to study online in your own time. They offer many different courses that you can take online. Once upon a time, correspondence courses were considered to be not as good as going to a 'real' school. These days, online schools are often branches of real, physical schools. Online correspondence courses are no longer just the domain of shifty, fly by night operations without any real educational knowledge. Some of the biggest educational facilities now offer online courses. Whether you want to get a masters degree online, a business degree online or an arts degree online - you can find a way to make it happen at many of the various online schools.

Is it Possible to Get a Masters Degree Online?

It is possible to get a masters degree online - just as it is possible to get a business degree online! There are many reputable schools that will help you to achieve your dream of getting yours masters degree online. However, there are also dangers when looking at online schools.

Unfortunately, while most of the online schools you come across are very reputable and good educational facilities there are some online schools who are simply trying to get your money. These schools may appear to be legitimate, claiming to be based in the US and will have pictures on them that help to further that illusion. However, most of these fraudulent schools are actually based offshore in countries where the fraud laws are not as stringent as they are here.

Masters Degree Online Fraud: The Facts

There are definitely warning signs when looking at possible masters degree online fraud. For instance, if the prices for the online schools courses are significantly cheaper than the reputable schools, this could be a good indication that the person who runs the website is not really going to provide you with what they say they are going to provide. If the school offers to sell you a diploma without you doing any work, then you definitely know it is fraud! These places are called diploma mills and are highly illegal.

Some diploma mills offer to give you a degree based on your life experience. They will ask you for money and to fill out a form and it return will send you a degree. Many people fall for this, believing that their new degree is legitimate, however this diploma mills are often run by criminals. You can not get a degree based on experience alone, no matter how much money you pay! Basically, you should follow the rule that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

The best way to protect yourself against masters degree online fraud is to never give any money to anyone online until you have checked their credentials. All educational facilities must be registered with the government - so contact the Department of Education before handing over money to a school you have never heard of before!

Studying online is a great way to get your qualifications - but be careful not to be ripped off by unscrupulous criminals.