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Online Education Possibilities Expand

The entire nature of higher education is being transformed by the internet. Thanks to computers, worldwide access, and an eager student base, schools who once only offered education opportunities on campus are now branching out through cyberspace to reach students globally.

Entire universities have sprung up where all learning is done on and through the internet. No, you won't find a school mascot, Men's basketball team, or student clubs. Instead, these particular schools exist solely online. Overhead is kept to a minimum and students are learning at a pace set by themselves, not by college professors. Today, more and more schools are offering online education opportunities to an expanding pool of students. This is great news for students and something that has brought some competition into the business of higher education.

Villanova University is much more than a Philadelphia based Roman Catholic University. The school is now offering a long list of online education certificate programs including organization leadership, business analysis, Six Sigma, IS Security, Government Contract Management, and more. Not settling for a limited pool of students, Villanova has embraced online education at a level greater than most traditional schools of higher learning. This move has allowed Villanova to not only maintain student enrollment, but expand it. With the traditional student pool shrinking, Villanova is successfully going against the tide thanks to its online education initiative.

If it is life of crime you want to fight, but you don't want to sit in a classroom listening to dry lectures, watching videos, or gazing out of the window, then Utica College's Bachelor of Science degree in Economic Crime Investigation may be right up your alley. Economic crime you say? Yes, internet theft is one area covered so an online education makes sense for this type of degree. Oh, yes, they also offer courses in Fraud Management, Professional Accountancy, and a masters' degree in Economic Crime Investigation too.

An MA in Education can be obtained through George Washington University a prestigious school located in our nation's capital. You don't have to go to DC for courses; instead you can log on and get your degree within 1 to 3 years at a pace that you have determined for yourself.

Yes, the online education opportunities available continue to expand on a regular basis. Visit your favorite school's web site to ascertain what they are offering to students interested in remote learning. Chances are they will accommodate you and allow for you to obtain your degree via online education.