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Associates Degree

It was my earnest desire to spend two years in a community college and receive my associates degree after completing my Bachelors of Arts degree in communications. My degree in communications has opened the doors of number of companies for me, and I was able to build a decent working career with it. But, I always preferred acquiring a special skill and an associated degree would have given me what I was looking for. I think an associates degree is somewhat looked down upon by individuals who think college is the only way to go. My parents did not have the privilege go to college, and they always wanted me to complete my four-year degree. Of course they were offering to pay for it and I had even scholarships offered to me. I used to complete my degree thinking that it was a much better option than an associates degree. It had to be; it was more expensive and the schooling was longer.

After completing my degree, I got a good job, but soon I realized that my communications degree was too general, which could play into my favor, as I was qualified for just about any job. I also had to face the situations in which I didn't even get interviews and many time I lost out on positions because I was knowledgeable but did not have specialized skills. Basically my high school diploma was glorious. I started my career with the marketing job, and because I was able to finally land a job I learned particular skills that allowed me to move into other positions. But none of these positions were good enough.

Coming back, an associates degree would have allowed me to gain specialization in some marketable field. Say for instance, I could have gone for specialization in either ultrasound technology or massage therapy. Both of these would have allowed me to get a higher starting salary. The advantage of these specialized skills is that they themselves to moving into part time positions and still retain full time hourly wages. This would have been a wonderful thing for me as I have two small children and ideally would like to work part time. Unfortunately, with my communications degree, it is very difficult to find part time work that pays well hourly. Most of the part time jobs offer only around $8.50 per hour, and this is after getting four-year degree. With the associates degree I would have gone only for two years to the college and still would have managed to get three times more.

Anyhow, gone is gone, I'm sure at least my experience will help me guide my sons to make the right choice of their career. It's a wrong notion that if the degree costs more and schooling is longer, it has to be better than other options.